Imagine this: There is this married couple. They have been married for a few years now and they have an almost two year old little boy. One day, they find out that they are expecting again and soon thereafter, realize that they will be giving birth to another little boy. As far as they and the doctors are concerned, the pregnancy is going as planned. Then, on the day the child was to be born, as the delivery is taking place, the doctors realize that the child is born with a severe birth defect. They presume to tell the couple that the child was born with a severe birth defect and that there is not anything they can do. IF this child lives, the probability of him never being able to do anything on his own and never amounting to much is very great…and all of that is IF, by chance, he lives.

Now imagine this: The couple, who are followers of Christ, tell the doctors that their child is in the wrong hospital and that if the doctors there were not going to do everything they could to save their child, then he needed to be transferred to another hospital in order to give him the greatest chance of survival…this child was me.

I was born with a birth defect called Spina Bifida. At the time, doctors did not exactly know the cause of this birth defect and the chance of survival was slim to none. However, my parents did not stop at chance. Being believers in Christ, and knowing that God was in control, they knew that I needed to be transferred to another hospital. In doing that, I underwent numerous surgeries during the first six weeks of my life and eventually got to come home from the hospital. If not for my parents decision that day to have me transferred to another hospital so that I could receive the care I needed, I probably would not be here today.

Here is the thing though; although there was a strong possibility of physical death at my birth, I was already dead spiritually. Scripture says, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23 ESV). We all inherited Adam’s sinful nature. Because of Adam and Eve’s actions in the garden (Genesis 3), we all are born with a sinful nature, and therefore, do not seek after God and are dead in our sin (Romans 3:10-18, Romans 6:23). But, there is good news. God shows His love for us that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. He did not wait for us to start acting the way we should. He sent His son, the Messiah, to be the propitiation (wrath-bearer) for our sins so that we could spend eternity with Him. He did all of that while we were still immersed in our sin with no way that we could get out on our own.

In the same way that my parents’ made the decision to have me transferred to another hospital on the day I was born so that I would have the best chance of survival, God made the decision to send His son to satisfy His wrath against our sins (which, by the way, was His plan all along. This was no sort of “Plan B”) so that we could be brought to life. Without the cross, I was dead, worthless and hopeless. With the cross, I am alive and rich…I am a child of God.

Craig Scott was born in Greenwood, SC.  He was raised in Easley, SC and moved back to Greenwood in May of 2005.  He has three nephews and a niece (Tyler, Brayden, Coby, and Sabrina).

Craig received a Bachelor’s degree in special education from Lander University in December 2008 and is currently pursuing an M.Div. from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He enjoys attending sporting events, reading, spending time with his girlfriend Allison (pictured above), and hanging out with friends and family.

Craig can be reached through the following:

Twitter: @craigcscott983

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/craigscott9

Email: craigcscottministries@gmail.com

  1. Lynn Baker says:

    Craig, I have known your parents almost my entire life. They are amazing people who have raised two amazing sons.

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